The viniyoga of Yoga for Fitness, Well-Being or Recovery

Lessons, Groups and Workshops offer the viniyoga of Yoga

  • For Personal Development
  • As a Lifestyle Support
  • As a Therapeutic Tool

The term ‘the viniyoga of Yoga’ means ‘the special application (viniyoga) of Yoga’ according to each individual’s unique personal needs, interests, current situation and future potentials.
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Lessons, Small Groups and Workshops are offered in Dundrum for all levels of interest and ability including those new to practice as well as experienced students or teachers.

– One to One Personalised Practice Lessons –

Within a private situation Lessons provide an opportunity to focus on personal practice

  • to develop expertise in postures and breathing techniques
  • to learn how it can support your lifestyle
  • to promote health for recovery from ill-health

A free consultation is available to discuss your needs, interests and possibilities.
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– Exclusive Small Group Practice and Study Classes –

Within a small Group Situation Classes offer an opportunity to experience and develop your practice in terms of exploring Yoga postures, breathing and meditation.
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– Exclusive Small Group Practice and Study Workshops –

The art of viniyoga of Yoga practice and study workshops are available for Yoga students, teachers or trainee teachers from any background or style to enhance and deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga.
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To discuss all options please eMail or use the contact page or phone Michele on 086 237 1077