121 Yoga

Why have a 121 lesson?

Certain situations may be more suited to individual lessons and the development of personalised Yoga practice.

From time to time a person may suffer from a range of issues. For example, we may hurt our back, we suffer illness, we may suffer from sleeping problems.

The tools of Yoga can be applied to assist with alleviation of the symptoms and to assist with recovery.


Personalised Yoga lessons offer the possibility for discussing hopes and desire for change in the context of practice designed specifically to an individual's physical condition, energy and needs.

They provide an opportunity to create and develop a personal Yoga practice over time, initially to respect the student’s limitations and subsequently to stretch their abilities. Time is assigned to exploring the student's needs, developing a practice appropriate to their lifestyle, interests and level of commitment.

Who are they for?

They are for people with specific interests or needs where the advantages of working with Yoga individually would be particularly beneficial.

Traditionally, Yoga was regularly taught on an individual basis.

This continues to be seen as the most effective way to explore Yoga. Yoga is taught according to the person and their situation.

Development & Therapy

Yoga practice can be applied developmentally. It can also be applied therapeutically to enhance health and well being from many different directions.

Yoga as Therapy (cikiṭsa)

Yoga Therapy involves the application and adaptation of Yoga techniques and Yoga practices to assist an individual manage a specific health issue and promote recovery.

Yoga therapy complements medical healthcare providing the student with a voice in terms of his or her own healthcare. It enables the student to do something for themselves, rather than having something done to them.

How a regular Yoga practice provides support

It can support our aims to:
  • cultivate well being
  • promote recovery
  • contribute to mental and/or emotional stability
  • reduce anxiety, excessive stress and depression
  • prepare for birth and post partum
  • lower dependency on social and medical drugs or reduce overeating
  • care for issues such as back pain, arthritis, MS, asthma, circulatory or digestive problems, joint replacement

Yoga for Development and Exploration

Individual lessons provide an opportunity to explore Yoga in terms of your own personal development. Aims may include:
  • cultivate well being
  • enhance personal fitness and personal energy levels
  • improve breath (prāṇāyāma) for physical and mental health
  • meditation (dhyāna)


The first lesson lasts up to 75 minutes and the fee is €80. Thereafter lessons last up to one hour and the fee is €65.
The frequency and term of individual lessons can vary according to student needs and objectives.

A FREE half hour consultation is offered to discuss interests, needs, health and lifestyle in the context of Yoga individual lessons. To book contact Michele by phone 086 237 1077 or by email

Location - Dundrum & Rathgar

There is no charge for a cancellation or a change to an appointment time provided that a full 24 hours notice is provided. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are chargeable.
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